15 x 15 Yards
15 Mins
Description Each team consists of 2 central players, 2 kaasters positioned in each corner diagonally opposite and we have a central neutral playmaker. The aim is to play the ball from corner to corner, but with a minimum of 3 passes in the central zone.

The coach can vary the specific outcomes (number of passes before playing the ball in to a kaaster). The coach should concentrate on both the possession team and the 2 defender’s ability when outnumbered.

The central neutral player can be limited to 1 or 2 touch, or simply instructed to play quickly where possible (and should be a player who demonstrates the ability to be a playmaker with his off ball movement and high levels of passing consistency).
Objective We work on passing, moving possession play and pressing. Coaching Points 1. The coach can vary the number of passes required per team, the maximum number of touches per neutral or kaaster player and number of players per team.

2. As the kaasters are instructed to act as rebound players with only 1 touch allowed, the coach is expected to emphasise the importance of the players’ positioning to provide the kaasters with options.