20 x 20 Yards
20 Mins
Description In an area 20 yards x 20 yards, we split the pitch into 4 grids which are 10 yards x 10 yards each. In each grid we have a 2v2 situation.

We also have 4 neutral players who can move all the way along their side of the square without entering the grids. The neutral players play with the team in possession.

If a team completes 8 passes or keeps the ball for 10 seconds they win 1 point. If a team passes through all the grids without losing possession they get 2 points.

Different Rules:
1. Unlimited touches for regular players and neutral players are limited to 1 or 2 touches.
2. 1 or 2 touches for all players.
Objective To develop possession play with high pressure in limited space and time. Coaching Points 1. Correct body shape (open up on the half turn) and positioning is important to view where the options for where the next pass is going.
2. Players need to protect the ball in these 1v1/2v2 situations; put their body in between the opponent and the ball.
3. Key aspects: Speed and quality of pass, good decision making, correct angles and distances for support play and creative combination play and movement.