38 x 14 Yards
20 Mins
Description In an area 38 x 14 yards divide the pitch into 3 zones. The middle zone is 14 x 14 yards and the 2 end zones are both 12 x 14 yards each. In the middle zone we have a 4v4 and 2 neutral players. Each team has 1 extra support player in the high zone.

The game starts with one team in possession in the middle zone with a 4 (+2) v 4 situation. In this example the reds are in possession and the 4 red players can only move along the sides of the middle zone. The 2 neutral players move around inside and provide support for them.

The objective for the team in possession is to complete 6-8 passes and then pass to their support player in the high zone. If this happens, another player (using a 3rd man run) runs forward to support, receives a first time pass from the support player and shoots at goal.

The support players can stay the same or can change position with the player who shoots.
Objective To develop quick combination play, 3rd man runs and finishing in a small sided game. Coaching Points 1. Red and white players are limited to 2 touches in the middle zone and 1 touch in the end zones.
2. Neutral players and support players are limited to 1 touch.