36 x 24 Yards
20 Mins
Description We mark out 2 grids 18 x 12 yards each and work with 2 teams of 4 with 4 extra neutral players.

The practice starts with one team in the first grid and the players keep possession as shown in the diagram with the help of the 3 neutrals in the positions shown. 1 player from the team in possession can only move along the halfway line and all other players are positioned inside. The 4 defenders (white) are all inside and we have a 4 (+3) v 4 situation.

The objective for the team in possession is to complete 6-8 passes in one grid and then pass the ball to the other grid. If this happens all players (except the 1 neutral at the end) move across to the other grid and continue with the same objective. A new player moves to the halfway line position and we again have a 4 (+3) v 4.

If the team defending (white in diagram example) win the ball they have 2 options:

1. At first they must complete 6-8 passes in the same grid and after can change grid.

2. Progress to them passing immediately to the other grid and moving quickly across to start their possession (a white player must move to the halfway line position).
Objective Attacking from the Back & Quickly Providing Support in a 2 Zone Coaching Points All players are limited to 2 touches (or 1) / All players are limited to 2 touches and the neutrals have 1 touch.