20 Mins
Description The ball starts with a red player in the middle. The first tactical action involves the wide player who must lose their marker and move to receive. The player must control and protect the ball.

After controlling the ball, the player must use a feint or dummy from a standing position and use an explosive move inside, before playing a long pass to the other flank.

The second wide player cushions the ball before advancing slowly on the opponent, looking for space and deciding which foot to use to perform a pivot or turn.

The first objective is to make the opponent retreat so that when we change pace and direction, the opponent must also modify their balance and direction which should give us the necessary time and space to gain an advantage.

The practice ends with a cross to the forward or with a shot at goal with the weaker foot.
Objective This practice is used to teach and develop specific movements used by wide players, such as dribbling, dummying and other technical actions.