45 x 35 Yards
15 Mins
Description 11 v 10 in an area 45 yards x 35 yards, we have one team with 1 GK and 4 players in white (the defenders), 2 in blue (the centre midfielders) and 4 in yellow (the AM, LF, RF and striker) using the 4-2-3-1. The other team have 10 players who are all wearing red. The red team are applying pressure high up the pitch. The objective is to play the ball out from the back under pressure from the opposition with limited space and time.

The players look to work through the lines and back; the ball moves from the white to blue, and then back to white who supports. The ball is then passed from white to yellow and back to blue who supports and finally to yellow.

If the multi-colour team completes 6-8 passes or keep possession for 8-10 seconds they get 1 point. If the ball is played from the GK, to white, to blue, to yellow and all the way back to the GK they get 2 points.

If the reds win possession, they must score within 5-6 passes in the goal. This is a quick transition for the multi-colour team from attack to defence.

Different Rules:
1. Whites have 2-3 touches, blues have 1 touch and yellows have unlimited touches.
2. Whites have 2-3 touches, blues have unlimited touches, yellows have 2-3 touches.
3. All players have unlimited touches.
Objective To develop possession play with high pressure in limited space and time (with support play). Coaching Points 1. Correct body shape (open up on the half turn) and positioning is important to view where the options for where the next pass is going.
2. Decision making is important; when to hold the ball, play a first time pass or dribble forwards.
3. Creating space and checking away before moving to receive will be essential to maintain possession and build up through the lines.
4. Vertical passes are very effective and allows play to move forwards much quicker as they take multiple defenders out of the game.
5. Using the full width by switching the play from one side to the other maximises the space and makes it easier to maintain possession.
6. The attacking team must be very alert to a potential transition from attack to defence and quickly pressure the ball carrier (getting bodies back behind the ball).
7. The angles, distances and quick/sharp movements of the support players is key to success in this practice.