6 Mins
Description Using half a full sized pitch, the players are divided into 4 different areas. In area 1, the players do 5 sit-ups, in area 2 they skip through the speed ladder, in area 3 they jump 5 hurdles and in area 4 the players hop using alternate feet through the speed rings.

Each player must perform their designated exercise before taking part in the passing combination.

The first player in area 1 starts the circuit by passing the ball to the area 2 player, who passes to the area 3 player. Player 1 makes a curved run around the cone into the box (black line) and Player 2 makes an overlapping run on the flank to receive the next pass back from Player 3.  Player 3 (blue line) and Player 4 (orange line) both make curved runs into the box as well and Player 2 completes the circuit by crossing the ball into the box for one of the 3 players in there who try to score a goal.
Objective We work on passing, combination play, player movement and timing of runs within a conditioning circuit.
Coaching Points The coach has to coordinate the movement of the 4 players to make sure the timing of the passes and the movement is right.