15 Mins
Description GROUP B (Forwards, Wingers and 2 Midfielders):
The midfielder passes the ball out wide and the winger has to anticipate the pace of the ball, getting in front of the mannequin before advancing to deliver a floated ball inside the box where there will be both forwards and one central midfielder. The other central midfielder will stay out of the box, ready to shoot on goal.
Objective 2. In this second variation: After the coach passes, he will give a special signal, for a 4 v 4 situation (four coloured midfielders vs. four defenders). Coaching Points GROUP A
1. Players should assess the ball speed to choose to do a back marking or anticipation. 2. Use the foot closer to the opponent to accurately anticipate their movement and intercept the ball. 3. Use the arm closer to the opponent to “enter” in front of him 4. The pass, before counterattacking, must be fast and then all the defensive line must squeeze up.