30 x 30 Yards
15 Mins
Description We use the same area as the previous drill and play 4v2 in both end zones. There are also 3 white players inside the central zone (+1 outside at the side).

The red players inside the low zone aim to retain possession and pass the ball towards the red players at the opposite end, evading the 3 white players in the middle. The red players inside the high zone should receive, retain possession and then try to pass back to the low zone.

If the white team intercept/win the ball, they play 5v4 as the 3 players in the middle move into an end zone with the aim of completing 10 passes. If they lose possession, they go back to their starting positions.

There can be a restriction for the reds e.g. to complete 4 passes or achieve the switch of play within 20 seconds. If they are unable to do this, the coach blows their whistle and passes a new ball to the white players to play 6v4.
Objective We work on passing the ball in behind the opposition’s mid"eld line (and receiving). Progression When the whites win possession, they play 5v4 inside one white area and the coach passes a new ball into the opposite area where the teams play 4v3 in favour of the reds (the outside white player enters this area). The teams compete and maintain possession as long as possible. If the whites win, they switch positions with the reds and the game restarts with them in possession.