2/3 of Full-Pitch
20 Mins
Description Using 2/3 of a full pitch with 2 zones 10 yards in length, we play 11v11. There is a 6v4 situation in favour of the reds in the low zone and a 4v4 situation in the high zone.

Τhe red players inside the high zone can drop back inside the red zone and receive without marking (the white players are not allowed in this zone). The red team’s aim is to move the ball to the players who drops back inside the red zone and then try to score.

The red player who receives the pass inside the red area must use 2 touches and pass within the area. He can pass in behind the opposition’s defence (or in front of it if there is no potential passing lane for a through ball).

The 2 white defensive midfielders are positioned inside the white zone and try to intercept the through passes. However, as soon as the ball has moved into the high zone or the whites win the ball at any time, everyone can then move freely across all zones. The white team aim to win the ball and score (counter attack).
Objective We work on turning, passing and approaching the third stage of attack.