20 Mins
Description Using a full pitch, we split the area into 3 zones as shown in the diagram. The central zone is the high line defensive zone for the red team. There is a safe zone for the white team and the third zone is the final attacking zone for the white team.

The practice always starts with the white team in possession who build up play from the back under high pressure from the red team. The objective is to keep possession under pressure and breakdown this pressure with passes in behind the defensive line. The red team are not allowed in the safe zone and they can only enter the attacking zone once the ball has been played in there. The red team has 8-10 seconds or a maximum of 6-8 passes to score if they win the ball (quick transition play). This rule makes the white team have a quick transition to defend.

White team must complete 6-8 passes before passing the ball into the final zone.
Objective To develop the ability to attack in behind the defensive line against opponents who use a high defensive line. Progression A progression from '4 Zone Possession Game'