15 Mins
Description Using half a full sized pitch, we have players in 4 positional roles.
2 players (red defender + blue attacker) start at the same time from one end and perform a coordination exercise (footwork).
Player 3 starts facing the opposite way, performs a coordination exercise and changes direction round the mannequin.

Player 2 passes inside to Player 1 who plays the ball out wide to Player 3 (full back or winger). Player 3 crosses the
ball for either of the other 2 to finish on goal.

As soon as they finish, another player starts from the other corner to start a 2v1 attack with Player 2.
The defensive player (Player 1 in red) now becomes the defender.

Objective Position Specific Circuit Training with Combination Play, Finishing & 2 v 1 Attack Progression 1. Change the direction of the exercise so the cross comes from the opposite side.
2. Change the footwork patterns - can use ladders or sticks.

Volume : 2 sets of 7 minutes with 1 minute recovery time in between the 2 sets.