15 Mins
Description Centre backs and forwards
A1) 4 series of 10 x squats with 30 seconds recovery in between.
A2) Jump over 3 hurdles and at the fourth head the ball launched by the coach
(2 x 10 repetitions).

B) 7 minutes running around the field alternating 45 seconds of jogging to 15 seconds sprinting.
(Twice with 2 minutes recovery in between).

Full back and wide Midfielders
C1) 15 yard sprint, stop in the square and sprint towards the cone called out by a teammate (2 x 10 repetitions with 2 minutes recovery in between).
C2) Running with the ball over 60 yards with teammate calling 'stop' and 'go'.
(2 x 5 repetitions with 2 minutes recovery).
Objective Conditioning