25 x 35 Yards
20 Mins
Description Description In an area 25 x 35 yards, we play an 8 (+2) v 8 (+2) possession game. If you play a 7 (+2) v 7 (+2) game, then use a 25 x 30 yard area and if you play a 6 (+2) v 6 (+2) game, then use a 25 x 25 yard area.

In two opposite corners, the coaches alternate to pass a new ball to 'their' team each time the ball goes out of play.

This practice is all about the players providing support and creating the correct angles along with their teammates to maintain possession. The intensity should match that of a competitive match. You can limit the players to 2 touches to speed up play.

During training in the stadium the day before the World Cup matches, the Netherlands played this 8 (+2) v 8 (+2) possession game.

They performed five repetitions of 2 minutes with a rest of 1 minute after each repetition. They also swapped the role of the outside players after each repetition.
Objective To develop positional play with a focus on possession - support movements and passing/receiving. Coaching Points 1. In the last repetitions coach more aggressively, insisting your players defend/press collectively and then try to maintain possession of the ball directly after winning it, while always expressing the need for high focus.

2. The ball must never be still and must continually be moving, otherwise one of the coaches plays a new ball in to the other team.

Louis van Gaal’s Instructions
• ‘‘Use all the space to keep possession.’’
• ‘‘Talk to each other, coach each other.’’
• ‘‘Move as a central player in the midfield line.’’
• ‘‘Make the space small when the other team have possession.’’
• ‘‘Never play the ball straight back to each other. After two short passes, play a long pass to follow.’’
• ‘‘This is a ball game. Use the full width. Find space where you can.’’
• ‘‘Keep the ball in your positions, you respect the distances to each other.’’
• ‘‘Move collectively. Together magnify, all together make the space small.’’