30 x 40 Yards
20 Mins
Description We have 3 teams of 5 players. Divide the area into 3 zones as shown in the diagram.

The team in possession (blue) play a long pass to the team in red. This team must make 5 passes before making a long pass back to the blue team.

The yellow team must use 2 players to apply pressure in the appropriate zone, but 3 players must remain in the middle zone trying to intercept the ball.

If the defending team win the ball, they must pass the ball to the other team and the team who lost possession must then apply pressure (becoming the defending team).

Full warm up schedule:
1. Transition Game - 4 minutes.
2. Dynamic Stretching - 5 minutes.
3. Transition Game - 4 minutes.
4. Dynamic Stretching - 5 minutes.
Objective Possession and Long Passing Transition