18 x 12 Yards
15 Mins
Description In this progression to the previous drill we now have 2 teams of 4 and 3 neutral players (inside) who always play with the team in possession. The team which starts with the ball have all their players at the sides.

The objective for the reds is the same again but when the whites win the ball, both teams change roles and make a transition from attack to defence and defence to attack respectively (the whites take the positions at the sides and start possession as the reds move inside and start to press the ball).

Different Rules
1. All players have are limited to 2 touches.
2. All players are limited to 2 touches and the neutrals have 1 touch.
3. All players are limited to 1 touch.
Objective Possession Play & Pressing in a 4 (+3) v 4 Coaching Points 1. The angles and distances of the support players should be monitored.
2. The timing, weight and accuracy of the passes is key to maintain possession.
3. Players need quick reactions to make a quick transition to defence or attack.