18 x 12 Yards
15 Mins
Description In an area 18 x 12 yards we work with 11 players. The red team have 7 players with 4 players on the sides of the grid and 3 players inside. The whites have 4 players all inside. At the bottom and at the top we use centre backs and attacking midfielders or strikers. At the sides we use full backs or wide midfielders/forwards. On the inside we use central midfield players (CM, LCM or RCM).

The objective for the red team is to keep possession and if they lose the ball they make a quick transition to defence and try to win the ball back immediately. (With the ball - OPEN, when we lose the ball - CLOSE).

If the reds complete 8-10 passes they get 1 point, if the reds keep possession for 30 seconds they get 2 points. If the whites win the ball and complete 4-5 passes (or keep possession for 6 seconds) they get 1 point.
Objective We work on keeping possession and immediate pressing when the ball is lost (to close the time and space). Coaching Points The 4 outside red players are limited to 2 touches, the 3 inside red players have 1 touch and the white players have unlimited touches.