24 x 24 Yards
25 Mins
Description We now mark out 4 grids (12 x 12 yards each). We work with 22 players with 15 red players and 7 white players. The players are in the positions shown in the diagram. We always have 3 red players inside one grid and 4 outside with 4 white players inside. 1 more white player is positioned in each of the other 3 grids.

The practice starts in one grid with a 4 (+3) v 4 situation. The objective is to complete 6-8 passes within the grid and then pass the ball into another grid where the numerical situation is the same.

2 inside red players and 3 white players move across to the next grid to again play inside. The outside player on the line between the 2 zones also moves across to play now play on the inside and his position is taken by the other red inside player. The practice continues with the aim of passing through all 4 grids.

If the whites win the ball they try to keep possession in the same grid and the 7 red players make a negative transition and must win the ball back within 6 seconds. If the whites keep possession for 6 seconds or complete 4-5 passes they get 1 point.

Different Rules
1. All red players are limited to 2 touches.
2. All red players are limited to 1 touch.
Objective To develop short passes, maintaining possession in a 4 (+3) v 4 situation and switching the point of attack.