10 x 10 Yards
15 Mins
Description The team is divided into groups of four players each within a 10 x 10 yard area. Every player from each group has a different colour.

The game starts with players passing the ball by feet, calling the colour of the player who receives the ball.

When the coach calls out a colour, example as shown in the diagram; “YELLOW” the players play 3 v 1 the colour called (YELLOW) becomes the player without the ball.

When the colour touches the ball, the initial game restarts.
Objective Develop your players to think and act quickly using Psycho-Kinetics. Coaching Points 1. Create space to find the right position on the field to receive the ball
2. Body shape and angle of support to receive and identify the next pass
3. Ask to play fast using only two touches where possible.
4. Reduce timing between the first touch (the receiving) and the second (passing)