50 x 60 Yards
25 Mins
Description In an area 50 x 60 yards, 2 teams (5v5) attack and defend 2 goals. There are 2 additional players for each team situated in 4 side zones as shown (5 x 30 yards each).

One team starts in possession and attack 2 goals (with the use of their wide players).

If the defending team wins the ball, they should play a pass out wide to one of their teammates in the side zone and mount a quick counter attack. An example of a quick counter attack is shown in the diagram.
Objective To develop possession and finishing with wide support play. Coaching Points 1. There should be a rapid transition from attack to defence.
2. Make sure the player that intercepts the ball does not hang onto it, but releases the ball quickly.
3. Players should should try to finish the attack as quickly as possible (shoot quickly).