40 x 40 Yards
15 Mins
Description In an area 40 x 40 yards we run a drill with 2 balls, working on turning within a limited space, using 2 different passing patterns.

Player A passes to B as soon as he has made a movement towards the blue area. B turns within the blue area and passes to C. Player C and B play a double 1-2 and the ball ends up at the other end.

At the same time on the other side, Player D passes to E who turns within the blue area and passes to F who makes a well timed run behind the first mannequin. Player F receives and dribbles the ball towards the second mannequin and performs a feint/change of direction. He then passes to the other side.

The first and last passes should be as close to being at the same time as possible. The size of the blue area will depend on the level of the players.
Objective We train the players to turn and pass with limited space and time. Coaching Points 1. When the players are turning, they should use soft touches to keep the ball close to their feet.
2. Passes should be accurate and well timed with the movements/runs of the player receiving.