30 x 30 Yards
15 Mins
Description In an area 30 x 30 yards, there is an 8v4 situation. 7 red players take up positions outside of the playing area and 1 red player is positioned inside a smaller centre square. The red players (in possession) aim to retain the ball and find a way to pass the ball to the player inside the red area.
The player inside has to turn and pass using only 2 touches.

The outside players can move from side to side in order to find an available passing lane to pass the ball to the player inside. The red players score a point if they complete 15 consecutive passes or if they manage to pass twice to the player inside and he switches play successfully.

The white players are not allowed to enter the red area at any time. They switch positions with 4 of the red players every 2 minutes.
Objective We train the players to turn and pass in limited space and time with switching play. Coaching Points 1. The players should be constantly moving towards the available passing options.
2. Emphasis the importance of quality in passing and turning.