Penalty Area
20 Mins
Description We position the players on cones in the positions shown with 3 stations on each side of the penalty area.

Player A plays a 1-2 combination with Player B (cushioned pass) and then passes to Player C. Player B then makes a backwards movement where Player C passes to him. Player B passes out in front of Player C to the edge of the penalty area.

The sequence is completed when Player C shoots at goal. Player A moves to B, B to C and C to the back of the line on the other side. The goalkeepers switch and the same sequence is repeated on the opposite side of the penalty area.
Objective To develop quick combination play and shooting from the edge of the penalty area. Coaching Points 1. The accuracy and weight of the passes needs to be correct.
2. Timing of runs and angle of approach is very important for fluid play.
3. Monitor the shooting technique and be alert for rebounds.