15 x 15 Yards
15 Mins
Description We have players positioned on 3 cones 10-15 yards apart (minimum 2 on each). Player A passes diagonally to Player B who checks away and plays a cushioned pass back for A to run onto. Player A passes back to B again for him to run around the cone onto.

Player B then passes to C who checks away and plays a cushioned pass back. The final pass is by Player B in front of Player C to run round the cone onto and dribble back to the start position. Player A moves to B, B to C and the next player starts the same sequence again.
Objective Improves short/medium range passing and timing of movement - quick combination play. Coaching Points 1. Players should be moving when meeting the ball to increase the speed of play.
2. Open body shape - half turned and receive/pass with the back foot.
3. Runs/movements when creating space should be done at pace.
Progression Start from the empty cone so that the players practice passing from different angles.