30 x 30 Yards
18 Mins
Description We mark out 3 squares of 8 x 8 yards as shown, with 10 yards distance between them. 4 players are positioned on one side of each square and 2 players defend inside trying to win the ball (4v2 possession exercise). One square has no defenders.

The defending players try to touch the ball and if they do, the player who missed the pass and the one that made the previous pass (the 2 blue players in the diagram) then become the defenders and have to go to defend in the third square.
Objective Transition from Attack to Defence in Simultaneous Dynamic 4 v 2 Rondos Progression 1. All the players are limited to 2 touches.
2. Alternate between the players being allowed 1 or 2 touches.
3. All the players are limited to 1 touch.
4. If 4 players complete 10 consecutive passes, the same defenders then have to go to defend in another square.

Volume: 3 sets of 5 minutes with 1 minute recovery time after each set.