40 x 40 yards
20 mins
Description Section 1 - Players aim to dribble the ball past their opponent in a 1 v 1 Duel.
Section 2 - Free play where players practice technical ground or juggling skills.
Section 3 - The players play 2 v 2, with both teams defending 2 mini goals.
Section 4 - We again have 2 v 2 as the players compete in a football tennis match.
Objective For the players to warm up with free play or with technical aspects integrated into situations with competitive opposition. 5 minutes per section. Rotate players. Coaching Points 1. React Quickly, Closest Player Presses the ball
2. Depth and support pressure
3. Don’t chase the ball
4. Communication from players and goalkeepers
5. Win ball - start counter attack.
Progression Section 1 - Get the players to try different moves/feints to beat the defender.
Section 2 - Coach can give specific juggling sequences or ground moves/feints.
Section 3 - Quick accurate passing and creating space key to scoring goals.
Section 4 - Play 1 bounce or no bounce depending on ability or age of players.